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I was introduced to so many different FUNCTIONS within FOCUS at Summit 2008 that it makes me wonder how many more there are that I could be using!

Is anyone aware of a reference manual that contains all of the FOCUS/WEBFOCUS Functions? I'd sure like to get my hands on one!!


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There is a manual called "Using Functions". IBI has an online version of this manual for each release. Since I do not know what version of WebFOCUS you are on, I can not be more specific.

Please update your profile to indicate what version of WebFOCUS you are using.


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Your signature does not specify which version you're on, but all versions have a "Using Functions" manual, either in PDF format (wf761func.pdf), HTML format ( Using Functions), or Windows Help format on a CD.

Login to the Tech Support and check out the Publications area - lots of PDF documentaion to download or HTML documentation to browse.


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Thank you all for the info. I found what I needed!

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