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[CLOSED]Mouse over menu on the portal pages
Gold member
I am new to the portal; I am trying find here, is that possible to create a mouse over menu on the portal pages? I see in IB demo, but they didn’t tell how to do.
All I need to do is.. I have portal pages, when user moves the cursor on the particular page, then I need to display menu, which allow user to select the particular view.

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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Normally I would use CSS if I wanted to create a menu. If you remember who gave the demo, it might be worth contacting IBI and requesting a copy of the demo. They might be willing to share the files with you. I would start by contacting your service rep to see what they can do.

Eric Woerle
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There is no such thing - I made NFR last year but I am not sure where did it end up.

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Knowing some of the demo's I've seen it's likely a custom jquery object they built.

I've built one before in the portals using a jquery plugin called, superfish I think, at the time it was the only plugin we could get to work because of all the compatibility issues with different browsers (we were on IE8 still) and IBI's meta tag it inserts.

Eric is right though, the best way to do it is to use CSS, that way you have tighter control of your code. Should be fairly straightforward to build.

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