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[CLOSED] HTML Editor - Hyperlinks not calling report?

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July 05, 2012, 08:43 AM
[CLOSED] HTML Editor - Hyperlinks not calling report?

I am trying to create a very simple new selection screen for a report in the HTML Editor, however the button that contains the hyperlink to the fex does nothing when pressed?

I have checked the generated HTML code and I appear to be missing the auto-generated 'button1_onclick' function that would contain the OnExecute(ctrl) command?

The input tag for the button is also missing the 'onclick=button1_OnClick(this)' handler?

If I manually add these two parts the screen works as expected..

I am sure that my process would normally create the above, but perhaps I have missed / forgotten a step? If someone could check:

1, Create new HTML in Editor
2, Drag new Push Button onto the form.
3, Right click on the button and select 'Create Hyperlink'
4, Selected 'External Procedure', point it to my fex, set target as Window/New Window.
5, Run

The generated code from the above is:

< !-- Generated by Report Layout Painter -->
<BASE href="HTTP://xxx">
<META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.6001.19258">
<script id=clientEventHandlersJS type=text/javascript>
//Begin function window_onload
function window_onload() {
// TODO: Add your event handler code here
//add onInitialUpdate() function to make changes before initial run of the reports
//End function window_onload

<script for=window eventname="onload">window.onload = function() { window_onload(); }</SCRIPT>
<BODY style="OVERFLOW: auto">
<INPUT style="Z-INDEX: 1; POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 80px; HEIGHT: 60px; TOP: 160px; LEFT: 70px" id=button1 tabIndex=1 value=Button type=button name=button1 autoExecute="True" requests_list="0"> 
<xml id=ibi_requests>
<request requestid="0" sourcetype="typeFex" targettype="window" targetname="_blank" ibif_ex="app/new.fex" IBIMR_domain="xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx.htm" IBIMR_folder="#xxxxxxx123" IBIMR_sub_action="MR_STD_REPORT" activereport="0" reportcolumns="" ibiapp_app=""></request></requests></script>

I have restarted Developer Studio and tried the process on another developers pc and the same happens...

What am I missing folks?!



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WebFocus 765. iSeries v5r4
July 06, 2012, 09:15 AM
Is anyone able to confirm that my process as described above should at least launch a report??


WebFocus 765. iSeries v5r4
July 06, 2012, 11:08 AM
Tony A

I am not using, nor do I have access to 7.6.5 at present, but following your process above does return a call to the fex in a new window using 7.7.03.

The code that you give does not appear to be complete. I would expect there to be additional scripts between the META tag and your first script tag.

I would suggest raising a case with support for them to pursue the underlying reasons.


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