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urgent,regarding passage of values from fex to html page

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November 06, 2006, 04:22 AM
Balaji Gavini
urgent,regarding passage of values from fex to html page

My scenario is like this.

i am executing a fex file and with in fex file i am calling the html page and this page will display the report with in the iframe. I am able to access the variables from the initial fex file.To display the report with in the iframe i am calling report x.fex and i am passing variables to it.Up to here there is no problem.
In x.fex ,for one column there is hyperlink which will call the y.fex report and pass the values to the y.fex.From y.fex based on the values i am calling another html page.But here the problem is coming.



no problem

when i am passing the same variable from y.fex to html no problem is coming.every thing is coming fine.
In the problem(A) i am coming upto the html page after y.fex but the html page is giving the error saying object expected and syntax error.

please help me in this regard.

Balaji Gavini
November 06, 2006, 09:21 AM
It would help if you could please post your drill-down code in y.fex.

Apart from that, please also try de-bug using "-? &" DM command to see what variables are being passed thru in each of the scenarios. Could be that this parms list is different b/w the 2 flows.

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