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[CLOSED] WebFocus Tasks & Animation
Silver Member
Hi All,

I tried to use Tasks & Animations (TA) in Appstudio to conditionally render a chart. Here is what I am doing. In a HTML page I have a filter on left and two charts on right, top chart hyper links to bottom chart. The top chart runs based on the value selected from the filter.

Requirement is to hide the bottom chart when user selects new parameter from the filter, after the first load of the both charts. This is because after first run, the bottom graph is still showing the data from the first run.
I used TA on the submit button of the filter to hide bottom chart and another TA on the TOP chart to show the bottom chart when "click event” happens on submit button and top chart respectively.
The problem is once the bottom chart is hidden by submit button, the click on the top chart does not show it. The bottom chart remains hidden.

I thought the succeeding TA should supersede the action by previous TA. Apparently, it does not. Am I missing something?
Your suggestions are much appreciated!

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OS/Platform: Apache Tomcat/8.0.21
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Hi Sandeep

I am sorry no one has been able to make suggestions to help you. Please open a case with techsupport and they can assist you with this.

Thank you for using Focal Point!

Chuck Wolff - Focal Point Moderator
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Hi Sandeep,
If your approach using Tasks and Animations turns out not giving you the results that you want, you might have to change your plans and use IBI's JavaScript functions to deal with making your charts visible or hidden.


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