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Focus 7.2.5
We are currently using Focus 7.0.9 and we are looking to upgrade it to 7.2.5. We are using both online batch focus for our system.
Please tell me what are the things that will be impacted? In the sense that are there any features in focus 7.0.9 which is not supported by focus 7.2.5? Will there be a need code changes in the focexecs?
If someone can provide the comprehensive list of the features of focus 7.2.5 which is new or is different from 7.0.9 then that will be great.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
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Log onto the Technical Support site and click on:
> Technical Documents.
> Focus for S/390 ...

On the right look for
New Features by Release
Release Notes (including sections - New Features, README Files and Technical Memos, and Service Pack info that shows what was fixed in the release).
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