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[CASE-OPENED] Tab Color in Excel Spreadsheets
Does anyone know a way to apply color to tabs when using Excel as an output format? I'm hoping there's something similar to TITLETEXT that would work in a stylesheet. I was successful in right clicking and changing the tab color in an Excel Template, and the color stayed put when it ran, but I'd prefer to avoid the issues involved in templates (losing formatting for the sheets being populated, needing cell references in other sheets, etc.), so I'm hoping for something that works with a TOC or compound construction.

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I'm pretty sure WebFOCUS can't set the Excel spreadsheet tab colour. Perhaps you could iron out the template issues, I'm sure someone here can help.


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Tod, remember a template can be just a simple macro and you can do the styling using WebFocus

For example the following will color the tabs but has no effect on what WebFocus might have done.

Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3 are the default (English) tab names, if you have renamed the tabs
using TITLETEXT just substitute those.

Sub Auto_Open()
Sheets("Sheet1").Tab.ColorIndex = 8
Sheets("Sheet2").Tab.ColorIndex = 9
Sheets("Sheet3").Tab.ColorIndex = 10
End Sub
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Is this still not possible with the webfocus stylesheet?

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<Kathryn Henning>
Hi nsk110483,

There is currently a New Feature Request in programming for the ability to color the Excel worksheet tabs in an output report.

If you would like to be added to this project, please open a case on InfoAssist Online and reference this topic.

Thanks and regards,

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