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[CLOSED] Save parameter report have too long URL
I have a problem with HTML that is opened from the save parameter reports that
have too long URL.

At first, I thought this problem was caused by too many number of parameters but
it's not.

The original HTML is 1setup_allocation1.htm that contains many parameters. I
tested it by selecting and inputiing parameters and then used the 'save
selection' feature to save these set of selected parameters.

For the save selection report name 320.fex, everything is ok. We can open it
and found the URL is

This URL length is 2083 characters

But when we just changed CREDIT_LIMIT_T from 3333333 to 33333333 and then saved
selection again as 321.fex. When we tried to open it, we got the blank page with
'Error on page' at the buttom left of browser.
The URL of this case is only

The URL length should be 2084 characters with each parameter value but it have
only as above.

I also tried to select the more values for multiselect listbox it also generated the same error.

For testing you can create simple procedure like

-TYPE A is &A
-TYPE B is &B
-TYPE C is &C
-TYPE D is &D
-TYPE E is &E.(OR('A')).

and html,with save selection button to run it on MRE. Then give these parameters with the very long values or select many values for the multiselection and save selection. When open these save selection report it should generate URL that is longer than 2083 but it error as I told you

Who can suggest what I can do for solving it?

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Please refer to this page.

The maximum length of a url, as discussed here before, in IE is 2083 as you have discovered.

WF 7.705/8.007
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I would suggest to reduce the length of your amper fields.

So instead


what should this do

its the same amperfield every time.....


prod: WF 7.6.10 platform Windows,
databases: msSQL2000, msSQL2005, RMS, Oracle, Sybase,IE7
test: WF 7.6.10 on the same platform and databases,IE7

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Many thanks for every suggestion

For FrankDutch
your question about &CARD_TYPE=0&CARD_TYPE=3562&CARD_TYPE=4079&CARD_TYPE=4090

those are the parameter values for multiselection list box.

Shortening parameter names is the way that I think to do but if URL is still limited on 2083 for IE, it can touch this limitation in some case because this HTML page contains many multiselect listbox that user can select mamy values for them.

So, I would like to find the permanant solution.

Best regards,


WebFOCUS 7.6.7
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You did not tell us how this html page is being created. Usually an html page with data on it that has to be sent to the server has one or more forms on it to collect and group the data and send it to the server. The default way of doing this is by using the method GET for the form. This will produce a URL that contains all selected data that is in the form. The other method is POST, which will collect teh data and send it over to the server in a message. The url will in that case only contain the part before the ?. This way of dealing with data also has a limit on size but that limit is very much higher than the url length. I have not touched that limit yet.
It may be wise to investigate if you can use this POST method in your environment.

Hope this helps.


- Using AS 8.2.01 on Windows 10 - IE11.
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Hi GamP
As I told my report is the save parameter reports. This feature is available only on MRE.
The 320.fex contains code


<script type=text/javascript>
function OnLoad() {
document.forms.temp.submit(); }


This .fex will open 1setup_allocation1.htm and apply the saved parameter values for it.

This .fex' code is auto generated by WF when I used the save selection feature.

Best regards


WebFOCUS 7.6.7
Output: All of them
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Use the [ CODE ] tags! -- unless you prefer to keep your code invisible.
Posts: 1925 | Location: NYC | In FOCUS since 1983 | Registered: January 11, 2005Report This Post
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<script type=text/javascript>
function OnLoad() {
document.forms.temp.submit(); }
<BODY onload=OnLoad[)>
<FORM name=temp method=get action=/ibi_apps/WFServlet>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_savedParamFile value=IBIMR_savedParamFile>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_action value=MR_RUN_FEX>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_sub_action value=MR_STD_REPORT>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_fex value=app/1setup_allocation1.htm>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_folder value=#simulational>
<INPUT type=hidden name=IBIMR_domain value=projctl1/projctl1.htm>
<INPUT type=hidden name=CREDIT_LIMIT_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CREDIT_LIMIT_T value="3333333">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LOAN_INT_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LOAN_INT_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=MINI_PAY_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=MINI_PAY_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_PENALTY_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_PENALTY_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=AGE_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=AGE_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=AGE_OF_JOB_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=AGE_OF_JOB_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LIVING_PERIOD_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LIVING_PERIOD_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=NO_OF_AG_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=NO_OF_AG_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_OCS_CNT_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_OCS_CNT_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=OS_BALANCE_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=OS_BALANCE_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=SALARY_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=SALARY_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=OS_BALANCE_STAT_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=OS_BALANCE_STAT_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=EMBO_DATE_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=EMBO_DATE_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=FIRST_DATE_F value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=FIRST_DATE_T value="">
<INPUT type=hidden name=GRP_ID value="88888">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="0">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="2">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="3">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="4">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="5">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DEQ_COUNT value="6">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="0">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="3562">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="4079">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="4090">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="4629">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="4924">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="5105">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="5178">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="5221">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="5256">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="5275">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CARD_TYPE value="8577">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="0">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="2">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="3">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="4">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="5">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_DEQ_STAT value="6">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_RESULT_CD value="0">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_RESULT_CD value="11">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_RESULT_CD value="12">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LOAN_TYPE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PL_TYPE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PRODUCT value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY01 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY02 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY03 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY04 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY05 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY06 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY07 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY08 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY09 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY10 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY11 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY12 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY13 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY14 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY15 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY16 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY17 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY18 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY19 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY20 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY21 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY22 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY23 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_HISTORY24 value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAY_TYPE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=AREA_CD value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DELINQ value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BRANCH_CD value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BUSINESS_TYPE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=COMPANY_CODE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=COMPANY_STATUS value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=DELINQ_STAT value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=CUSTOMER_STATUS value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=EDUCATION value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=HOME_CD value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_CATEGORY_GRP value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=MARITAL value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=HOME_ZIP value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=SEX value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=TYPE_OF_JOB value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=NATIONALIT value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=LAST_CUS_TYPE value="FOC_NONE">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BLOCK_CD value="C1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BLOCK_CD value="P1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BLOCK_CD value="P2">
<INPUT type=hidden name=BLOCK_CD value="P3">

With the veil lifted, we see that the Form has method="get" (and 113 INPUT tags, all "hidden"). Your onload function can change the method attribute to "post".
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But will the Save Parameters functionality work with a form with method post?


Give me code, or give me retirement. In FOCUS since 1991

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What does NOEVAL (on the -HTMLFORM BEGIN line) do? "No Evaluation" - but of what?

I couldn't find any documentation.
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Originally posted by Francis Mariani:
But will the Save Parameters functionality work with a form with method post?

I would expect the layer that looks for those special input variables and triggers the Saved Parameters process to fire up only after the variables passed (whether via Get or Post) are parsed and copied by the client -- rather than operating directly on the URL string. But it's anyone's guess, until you try it out.

I just pointed out how to try GamP's suggestion. Ball is in Surachet's court.
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Gold member
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Hi Surachet,
could you please let me know if you got the solution for this problem.
I am also having the same will be very useful if you share your solution

thank you....

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Ditto. I hope a solution is forthcoming.

WebFOCUS 769
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