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Performance Issue in my report
Hi All,

I created a report which has 100000 records to fetch. And I have also implemented matrix in my report.
My report is taking more than 1 hour to display.can anyone help me in performance tuning.

Vikrant Sabari

WebFOCUS 7.6
Windows, All Outputs

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For performance tuning we need the code ;-)

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As you state that your report is taking a long time to display, and before you start posting code, let's check some basics.

So your user machine is windows based
  • What bit CPU is it 32 or 64
  • What memory do you have installed?
  • What free memory do you have at the time of running the report
  • What is the target output (Excel, PDF, HTML etc.)
  • If MS Office output then what version are you on?

All of these things might give some underlying problem on the machine onto which you are trying to display your report.

Only once you have confirmed that your user machine and target application is able to handle that many records should you begin to begin to post code.


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Is a report containing 100k records really useful to people? How do you know which of those 100k records you need to look at?

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We found when dealing with large needed outputs ( 250K + *1) the filling / sorting etc. of HOLD files takes a lot of time.

Using Binairy ( default ) instead of FORMAT FOCUS or XFOCUS made a big difference.

You might want to add 'timers' in your code to find out exact where the most time is used.

*1 Yes, Wep5622, it's an address-list, and we really need all those records to print addresses on a mailing ;-)

Greets, Dave

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Dave is spot on. Try to avoid creating focus hold files. When I worked for IBI I had a customer that was creating a HOLD FORMAT FOCUS file and it would run a couple of hours and their window for when the job must finish by kept getting close and closer. They used FOCUS format thinking thats what they had to. When we went with the default format it finished in a few minutes. She was total shocked. She started looking at all of her other programs to see what else she could speed up.

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