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MODIFY command is not working on FOCUS/400.
We are testing some file updating programs WHICH MODIFY AS/400 native data files and facing some serious problems. We are getting one error saying that "SQL Interface not installed”. We tried to test some programs which have MODIFY and ONMATCH command and found that none of them are working. We have reinstalled the FOCUS software; even then the problem is not resolved. Some programs are throwing the error "ACCESS FILE NOT FOUND ERROR”. Can someone please give some idea in this regard? Focus software which we are using is FOCUS/400 6.8.6.
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Hi Kanth,

Has this issue been resolved?

Here are some questions to be clarified. When receiving the "SQL Interface not installed" error, is there another error saying "(FOC1400) SQLCODE IS %1 (HEX: %2) %3%4"? From a quick search it looks like IBM's AS/400 has DB2 as the built-in database, is DB2 the database being connected, or is there another database connected (i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)? Are you using FOCUS 6.8.6 alone or is there an EDA/iWay Server? If yes, what release is the EDA/iWay Server?

I ran some search regarding the error messages provided and came across the following topics from Information Builders' online documents which may be of interest:

Resolving FOC1400, FOC1488 and FOC1479 Errors for the Oracle Adapter

IDMS:TABLE generates a FOC4346 0370/BRDLR

SQL Interface not installed when accessing DB2

DB2:FOC1400,FOC1367 when running any request against DB2

SQL CODE -1 when trying to connect to DB2 8.1 32 bit

You will need to have an InfoResponse userid/password to access these documents.

As always, another option for you would be to contact Information Builders' Customer Support Services or your local support office for assistance. It may be necessary to look at your configurations as well as the code. The phone number for Customer Support Services is 1-800-736-6130, or please use the online system InfoResponse to open a case. Please be ready to provide the following details when making a contact:

Hope this helps. Big Grin



Kerry Zhan
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Information Builders, Inc.
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On your EDA Console, look under Data Adapters, you will probably see that you do not have the DB2 interface installed. Just install it, it takes one or two clicks,and you should be all set.

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