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Server behavior
<Jonathan Sutter>
OK. I started this post in order to ask a dialogue manager question. I'm a newbie with only course 351 under my belt and I've been having some trouble trying to figure out Dialogue Manager using only the help files and what I can glean from Google searches. My question has now turned into a server behavior question.

I had been trying to write my FEX code so that it will accept user input which will generate different ACROSS fields. I kept trying different changes in the code but kept getting the same error message. Finally, I restarted WebFOCUS and tried again, and this time my code worked! It is as though the server was not recognizing the changes I'd been maing in the FEX code. Is this normal?? Will I have to close and restart WebFOCUS every time I make a change? (I was working with the FEX in "Edit as Text" mode.)

Any insight would be much appreciated.
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It could be your browser settings are cacheing your output and the report is not actually re-running.

Check in IE options or similar:

* history is set to 0
* check for newer versions of page every visit

Failing that, hold the ctrl key while you refresh the page and this actually forces a reload.

Good Luck,
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<Jonathan Sutter>
Thanks! That was the problem.
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