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[CLOSED] Saving WF Reports to Excel 2007 Generates EDASERVE Error.
When trying to run reports to Excel 2007 output, the following message is generated. This happens for several reports I and several other users run.

"Unknown error occurred. Agent on reporting server EDASERVE may have crashed or request was halted by the operator. Please investigate reporting log."

The reporting log doesn't show anything out of the normal.

Other reports create the Excel 2007 output successfully.

Thank you.

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WebFOCUS 7.7
Windows, All Outputs
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Are you able to repro using CAR? If not, please post your original code.


WebFOCUS 7.7.x and 8.x
Posts: 406 | Location: India | Registered: June 13, 2013Report This Post
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Hi Rifaz, I don't know what you're asking. repro - is that reproduce?
CAR - no idea what that means.

WebFOCUS 7.7
Windows, All Outputs
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Rifaz does mean reproduce. And the CAR.FOC file is included with every distribution of FOCUS / WebFOCUS so that problems can be identified within a common environment.

I have to say that I'm shocked by the number of folks on here who haven't even taken the basic, WebFOCUS Reporting course - where you would be introduced to the CAR file as the very first step.

WebFOCUS is an expensive product to purchase and licence so any organization that has the product can certainly afford to send you to school for some basic training.

WebFOCUS 7.7.05 Windows, Linux, DB2, IBM Lotus Notes, Firebird, Lotus Symphony/OpenOffice. Outputs PDF, Excel 2007 (for OpenOffice integration), WP
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You should use SET &ECHO='ALL'; and with -EXIT command find out which lines of code is causing this issue. In the final display PRINT/SUM, try using PRINT * END - to check if the issue is in final table file command.
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Have you tried replacing EXL07 with EXL2K and rerunning it? I've found that EXL07 is very intolerant of special characters and you may get an error. EXL2K seems to handle invalid characters better.

WebFOCUS 7.7.05M, gen 144, Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit, Tomcat 6.0.33, IIS 7.0, SQL Server, Excel 2013, PDF, HTML, FOCUS files.
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Gold member
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I had a problem with some special characters in Excel but I was getting blown up in the Excel not webFocus but here is the results of that case. the solution worked so good luck woth checking these settings though.

Thank you for providing the requested files and information.
It's great that the suggestion from Focal Point resolved your issue.
There are two options possible in this case:
1. You can either stay with the solution offered in the forum,
that is using character encoding 137.
2. Or you can use a different character encoding - Windows-1252 -
which is a new standard for HTML 5, and should also work in your case.
The Windows-1252 char encoding is a superset of ISO 8859-1, and I am
including a link to the description of this encoding below:
For this option you will need to set
Reporting Server Admin Console in Workspace -> NLS to
CODE_PAGE "1252 - Windows (Latin 1)"
Client Admin Console -> Configuration -> NLS Settings to
1252 - Western European
Tomcat Configuration for Java Options to


WebFOCUS 8.0.7
DS 8.0.7 AS 8.0.7
Output: Excel, HTML, PDF, AHTML,Mobile
In Focus 1982
Posts: 83 | Location: Princeton NJ | Registered: October 26, 2007Report This Post
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You can better use EXL2K. EXL07 has problems with charachters and for larger files you can get memory issues with the server side compression of the excelfile.

Test: WF 8.2
Prod: WF 8.2
DB: Progress, REST, IBM UniVerse/UniData, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Greenplum, Athena.
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There are various cases because of which this error appears. Better to try the report first in HTML. If that works then it might be huge data or special characters. In next step try to limit the records eg. 1000, 5000, 50000 etc.
If that works then check for special characters.
Sorry but no sure shot root cause and solution. It can be done step by step only.
SET &ECHO='ALL'; and with -EXIT Given by Ram Prasad is a very good option to debug.

Pravin Singh

WebFOCUS 7703
Windows, All Outputs
Posts: 51 | Location: WebFOCUS 7.7.03 | Registered: June 19, 2014Report This Post
<Emily Duensing>
George Patton,

Just FYI - our classes haven't used the CAR file in many, many years. Our need for more robust technical training examples exceeded the awesome simpleness of the CAR file long ago. Most of our classes now use a pretty robust SQL Server data mart which allows us to address many relational situations. And since a huge percentage of our user base access relational tables of some kind, this is a better approach. However, the CAR file lives on in every installation, so it can still be used for reproductions, and old car price jokes! Ha!
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