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[CLOSED]Error Cannot include resource specified by provided key
Silver Member
We have migrated reports and every so often this error comes up when trying to maintain them. Is there a specific trace or something that can be turned on so I can see what the actual issue is? I think sometimes it's due to authority, sometimes it's due to the path of the stylesheet, sometimes it's due to a -INCLUDE path.

When I am just making quick fixes to some reports it has been taking me too long to completely overhaul them. I'd like to find what's causing the issue and just correct that one issue.


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Hi lenny,

I am following up with you regarding your question about tracing in a report.

You can add the following to the top of the code:

-? &

Run the report ( or add in -EXIT at appropriate spots) on the report output - right mouse click and view source. Scroll to the bottom of the file to see the resulting code with &variables resolved.

If you are running reports against RDBMS tables then search the forum for SQL TRACE.

Review the following from the forum:
Trace ...

Let us know if this help you with resolving your errors.

Thank you for participating in the Focal Point Forum.

Kindest regards,
Tamra Colangelo
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Information Builders Inc.

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May be, all the necessary files to be published.


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Thanks for your insight, Rifaz. The fex worked fine directly from Dev Studio, but failed from ReportCaster and I couldn't figure you why until I read your post questioning publication. After publishing the "included" fex it ran successfully.

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Did you figure out what the issue is? We are having the same problem, with only a few of our users, which are admin. The other admins don't have that issue.

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