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Hi all,

When we use OVER to show or bing the records as rows is it possible to hide some of the rows.
like below


  CAR          PCT   DEALER_COST    
  BMW          10    6000
  TOYOTA       20    2000
  MERCIDES     30    3000
  SUZIKI       40    1000
  XENAPP       60    3000 

Note that the value for DEALER_COST of tthe MERICIDES row is the division of R1/R2 in other words value sof BMW/TOYOTA and my output should not have SUZIKI row at all


  CAR          PCT   DEALER_COST    
  BMW          10    6000
  TOYOTA       20    2000
  MERCIDES     30    3000
  XENAPP       60    3000 

I have used OVER to show the CAR values as a single column and its corresponing calculations like R1/R2

How to hide rows when we use FOR and OVER keywords to make a tabular report.

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Take a look at Suppressing the Display of a TAG Row


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Is there any criteria that makes you want to supress Suziki or do you know you always want to eliminate that one specifically? If the latter, then Rivo's link will work.

If not, here's an idea:
1. Create DEFINE field that says something like:
IF testVal1 eq criteria1

2. Put your new DEFINE field in the place of where you currently have DEALER_COST and put a WHERE criteria on the report that says WHERE DEFINE > 0

3. In the MATRIX tab, right click your row and check the "WHEN EXISTS" check box on the top of the page.

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