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[CLOSED] Error connecting to report caster
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I am connnecting to Report caster from my application using the APIs provided by IBI.
I am using a server that has been recently upgraded to 769,but I have never tested in this server even when it was in 764.
But as such schedules work when I point to server that has 764.
When I schedule the reports directly from the report caster console it
works fine.But When I try to schedule the report from my application,(ie),I am
using report caster API's to establish the connection from my application server
to the Report Caster disribution server, I am getting Gateway timeout error and
the schedules are not getting saved in BOTSCHED table. I tried to do a telnet
from my application server to the RC dist. server to see if there is any
firewall issue between my appln server and dist. server by :
This is working fine, which means my appln is able to talk to the RC Dist
Below is the API code that I use to establish the connection with Report Caster.
But this method does not return the connection object.
And this is where I get struck.
/* Java Code */
String host = "perfpwvdwf01";
String ServerIP =;
String port=8200;
String casterUser="admin";
char ãê charray = casterUser.toCharArray();
String casterPass = "";
CasterManagedConnectionFactory managedCF = new CasterManagedConnectionFactory();
//After this line the code is not getting executed.
connectionFactory =
credential = new PasswordCredential(casterUser, casterPass.toCharArray());
connectionObject =
return connectionObject;

Please let me know if I need to change any configurations.Also I see a setting
in Report Caster-Server Configuration called "Repository Connection Plug-in", I
have not set any values for this. But this seems to be present only in 769
version. Will this have any impact ?


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Using all the above
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Hi Priya,

I consulted with our technicals and was suggested that this seems to be a more complicated issue, so it is better to be addressed by a case with Customer Support Services. Please capture the ReportCaster and WFServlet traces. To open a case, you may either call at 1-800-736-6130, or access online at InfoResponse.



Kerry Zhan
Focal Point Moderator
Information Builders, Inc.
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