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[CASE-OPENED] Graph Positioning (html) and Space Usage

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March 22, 2012, 02:48 PM
Deborah Sullivan
[CASE-OPENED] Graph Positioning (html) and Space Usage

I have a project where the user is extremely demanding about how the graphs and objects are using the space on my form/dashboard. I have a form where I am including a number of different graphs, as well as some parameter objects. I am finding it very hard to squeeze the content so that everything can be reviewed at a glance, without scrolling.

Within each graph report output, escpecially the pie chart graphs, there is a lot of white space around the graph, and in some cases the legend seems far removed from the graph piece, creating even more white space. In this example, the graph style attributes appear to be identical, so I can't tell why the legend in one is close to the pie, but the legend in the other is not.

I need some input/help on how to style & position graphs in a report to maxmize the real estate on the display form.

I have created a case with IBI for this, but wanted to see if I might get some ideas or tips from the Focal Point community. Any advise would be much appreciated.

-Debbie Sullivan

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March 30, 2012, 10:29 AM
Deborah Sullivan
I think I may have resolved my pie chart “white space” problem. I found that when I created a graph object using the Advanced Graph Assistant from within the HTML Composer, I seem to have far more control over positioning and sizing of the graph object. The only problem is (and perhaps I’m wrong) there seem to be limitations with the passing of parameters to that object, as well as perhaps limitations targeting “self” for drill-down. But, what I found I can do is copy the code that was generated and inserted inside of the Composer, and paste that into a new fex. This fex seems to now honor the sizing and positioning that I had set up from within the Composer. If I replace the imbedded object with this new fex, I think I will then have the functionality that I need.

The other thing I did was remove the legend from the chart. I am instead displaying the slice information in a tablular report beside the graph report. It looks like it is all one report, but this gives me better control over how I place this information. I have to create some kind of image or conditional styling to coordinate the color of each series on the pie to the correct line on the tabular piece. But I should be able to figure something out.

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