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Unix Date Format Problem
I always receive a different format of date fields read from db2 tables using webfocus for unix. Instead of having this format XXXX-XX-XX-XX.XX.XX.XXXXXX I get this one XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX:XX.XXXXXX. Of course I can always use the EDIT function but it would mean going thru all the affected fexes. Given that, is it possible to just make changes to the config to correct this problem? Thanks in advance.
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I am also getting that kind of error and it seems that only unix returns the colons, MVS/mainframe does not. Mad
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If you don't care about the time portion, you could just alter your master fileread USAGE=YYMD, ACTUAL=DATE; This seems to work for me using Oracle as well. An alternative is the HDATE function, but you will need to add that as a DEFINE or COMPUTE. Also, I don't think you can use it in a WHERE clause. Dates need a lot of work in WF to eliminate the platform and database differences (IBI take note please!)
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I already have my master fileread USAGE=A26, ACTUAL=A26; since I am not going to have date manipulation functions just for viewing. How come I am still getting a different format? It's already alphanumeric.
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Based on the messages, I'm assuming that the date-time fields in question are described as A26 USAGE and ACTUAL. This means we just take WHATEVER the engine returns and display it. No modification or formatting is done.

So, if you get two DIFFERENT results, I need to know a few details:

1. Are both UNIX and MVS accessing the SAME engine? There may be engine sets which control HOW a date-time value is returned.

2. HOW are the engines being accessed? If one is direct, versus ODBC, then the ODBC driver may be controlling the format, to make it ODBC compliant.

3. If you issue SQL to display a date-time field, in WHAT format does it get returned. That SHOULD be how we display it.
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