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[CLOSED] Question on D12.2 Define

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August 26, 2019, 04:36 PM
[CLOSED] Question on D12.2 Define
Does it sound right that this define allows for only 12 total characters including any decimal and negative. Perhaps we have lucked out to this point but we are getting an overflow today on a number that should appear as:


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August 26, 2019, 04:43 PM
So, increase the size of the field ?


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August 26, 2019, 04:55 PM
According to the manual:

The floating-point double-precision USAGE type is D. See Numeric Display Options for the compatible display options. The length specification format is:




    Is the number of characters to display up to a maximum of 33, including the numeric digits,
 an optional decimal point, and a leading minus sign if the field contains a negative value. 
The number of significant digits supported varies with the operating environment.

    Is the number of digits that follow the decimal point. It can be a maximum of 31 and must be less than t.

In the case of D8.2, the 8 represents the maximum number of places, including the decimal point and decimal places. 
The 2 represents how many of these eight places are decimal places. The commas are automatically included in the 
display, and are not counted in the total.

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August 27, 2019, 09:53 AM
Thanks..yes we must increase the field there and everywhere. Funny this was not an issue for years. We just interpreted the D12.2 incorrectly. Thanks!

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August 27, 2019, 10:40 AM
FP Mod Chuck

Since the metadata are stored in files on the OS you can use a tool like Notepad ++ or Windows GREP to search for the D12.2 and mass update.

Thank you for using Focal Point!

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