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text looks different on different monitors
When I create .htm pages (which have a list of links representing reports on a menu a user can select from), the text lines up and I think it looks good.

For example, in one menu I use Arial terminal as the font for the text on these links. On each link I, basically, have 2 columns - a description on the left, and the .htm filename (which the link runs) on the right. On my monitor all the .htm filenames are lined up as if in 1 neat column.

But on some other people's monitors, the text is scrunched up and those .htm filenames are not lined up.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do so that what I see on my monitor (where things are lined up and readable) are also what other people will see on their monitors?


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Sounds as if the screen resolution is not the same for all of the monitors. Doubt it is a WebFOCUS issue.

Oh, and Mark, would you update your signature to show which version you are using. Thanks.

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Could also be that the font that you are using is also not installed on the other machines. When creating Web pages of any kind, it is always better to stick to the generally available fontsfrom a base install of the OS instead of using fancy fonts such as scripts etc. Basically the font is served from the end users machine and not the web server.

The only way around this is to generate an image of the text you require in the font that you want, then you can just display the image. Not exatly suitable for a WebFOCUS app but it's one way that web designers get around the font problem.

Stick to Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica etc.


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Leah, sorry, I haven't posted anything here in awhile. I'll try to check the screen resolution of others. Mine is 1024 by 768.

I still haven't gotten the hang of everything we're using and what version, operating system, server, client.......but here's what I know we're using:

WebFocus 7.6.4
Dev Studio 7.6.4
Data Migrator 7.6.4
WIN XP - my pc
WIN NT - our servers
Apache Tomcat 5.x

Tony, I didn't really think I was using any fancy fonts. I'm pretty sure this has also happened when I've used Courier New.


Posts: 27 | Location: Maryland | Registered: March 09, 2006Report This Post
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Mark, you do realize this is not a WebFOCUS problem, but a general Internet issue. There are dozens of great websites out there that discuss web page design and how to minimize differences.

You should use CSS to style your web pages. I set the font-size of text on my pages in pixels (e.g. 12px) - changing the text size via the web browser option will not affect the page (though this does not appear to be recommended as it doesn't help people with challenging eyesight).

Screen resolution will definitely have an impact - there is no way to guarantee everyone is looking at your web page with exactly the same settings.


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Is it possible that the various different PC's involved in your problem have different setting for Windows 'Large fonts/Small Fonts' setting (somewhere in the Advanced Display Properties) ?

That would seem to fit your symptoms.



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on Win2000 and 2003 Server
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