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[CLOSED] Disturbing Behavior with WF 7.6.10 on LINUX

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December 10, 2009, 08:56 AM
Deborah Sullivan
[CLOSED] Disturbing Behavior with WF 7.6.10 on LINUX
Before opening a case with IBI, I wanted to throw this out here first, to see if anyone else has see this behavior.

I have a fex that I created using IBI sample tables (GGSales & GGProd) that is run off of a form that I created with the HTML Composer. Both Form and fex were created in 769 and run without error there. The purpose of this report is to show internal users here the power of WF parameterization, because of this, much of the fex is parameterized, from what columns should appear, to filters, output, etc.

When the form and the fex were moved to our new 7.6.10 environment, I first noticed that my chained objects on the form behaved strangely. The first object in a chain will load all values, but the second object on form load appears empty. Values will only load if a value is selected in the parent object. (These objects are set up to load dynamically from the table).

My bigger problem, however, is with the fex. On sending the request, I am returned an empty report, no matter what my selections are from the form. The report is also set up to run with default values (so can be run alone without the form), but this method also returns an empty report.

Viewing the source, I see that none of my "&" values inside of the table file section are being honored. So what I basically end up with is a TABLE FILE and a style sheet and nothing in between. The -SET pieces are all working correctly however. The selected values are coming over from the form and the the parameters are correctly being set in the -SET section, these amper values just never show up in the table file section.

I am hoping this is a bug, because if this is IBI's intention, I would think this will severely inhibit some of the greatest features of the product.

Since this is all using IBI sample tables, I can provide a code example if anyone wishes to see it.

Thanks for any insight!

-Debbie Sullivan / Fidelity
(this post pertains to WF 7.6.10 on a LINUX platform)

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December 10, 2009, 10:37 AM
Francis Mariani

You should open a case with Tech Support. This behaviour change is definitely not intentional.

Meanwhile, try recreating the form and fex in DevStudio 7.6.10 and then compare the generated code - perhaps something subtle has changed.

Or, perhaps the necessary WebFOCUS aliases for the web server are not set correctly...


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December 10, 2009, 10:55 AM
Deborah Sullivan
Thanks for your response. The fex was written in code/text, I did not use Report Painter, Graph Assistant or any of the other GUI tools, so there should not be any tool-generated code (did look at the code when I made this discovery and did not see anything new or different). When running the report, it returns an empty Active Report page -- it appears to be honoring my format parameter, viewing the source echos the code -- there are no errors. It's just that the lines represented by "&" value inside of the TABLE FILE are completely missing. Another user who has some other WF reports on this environment (that are not using paramertization) are running correctly, so I doubt a problem with a setting on the server.
December 10, 2009, 02:03 PM

Yes, I have personally seen this at one client and heard other stories through the grapevine. One of my consultants updated Dev Studio to the 7.6.10 version. Existing HTML launch pages stopped working. 7.6.10 could not properly handle launch pages created in earlier releases. Our temporary solution was to back out 7.6.10. I heard that a hotfix might address this problem.


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