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WF Server Function
Ok, here is one of the fable "dumb questions", but I can't seem to find the answers elsewhere....

Is it absolutely necessary to have a WF Server to run WebFocus reports? Is it possible to have the data on a LAN and allow multiple users to run reports against that data without a WF Server? If so, can those reports use the drill down feature? And, at what point would this no longer be a reasonable approach?

What benefits become available when a Server is added?

Thanks, in advance, for your patience.
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All your data should be on a lan and yes you need server to run focus.
The call to the focus program is a server call
If youwant a server-free universe, then you need a zillion seat licenses for devstudio, one for each user.
Your sales exec should be able to explain all this to you really well. Give him/er a call.
All the benefits; its an 'all or zip' situation.
you are thin client rather than hugely expensive per-seat installs and costs.
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