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[SOLVED] Alternatives for Code Versioning
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Hi All,

This about code versioning. I understand webfocus 8 does not have ability to integrate with SVN or GIT hub on its own.
But I must commit/check in the codes anyhow. So currently I am manually copying the fax codes from Info Assist and committing them in the SVN. This is a drudgery in 2017.
I was wondering if I can copy the reports from where the FEX codes are stored by Webfocus and create python to script to pick it up and commit it in SVN.

I think in WF8 hex codes are stored in db. Can some one please suggest which table stores it? I would like to using SQL query get the FEX file name and the hex code. Can some one please suggest? thank you in advance. If there are other options, that will be great too. I can not use licensed third party software though.

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The fexes are stored as (I think) blobs in the respository. Its all been mentioned in the forum before.

Do a search for wf_reposobj


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you can use a 3rd party tool like Pushkok and use DEV studio.

You can also export your files to txt (export scenario with with IBI_CM_format_raw option or webservice) and then commit. You can automate this to export every time there is a change and then commit the txt file. Other option is to query the DB, fex is stored encoded, but you can simply decode.

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Source control is available in WebFOCUS 8201M release.

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