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[SOLVED] Style Sheets for Multiple Formats
Looking for the simplest, easiest most elegant solution for column titles and report headings that can be in any one of HTML, PDF, EXECL and PPT formats

An example report with the following heading requirements:

Jan 2011 Feb2011
col1 col2 coln m1a m1b m1c m2a m2b m2c

The number of columns on the left (col1...coln) is variable.
Want to place the Month/Date over their respective monthly data and visually tie the date, column title and column data together.

Otherwise, open to suggestions regarding formatting.

Thank you

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I think you will find it difficult to find one set of stylesheet settings that will work well with all output formats. You can create separate stylesheet files (.STY) for each of your output formats and -INCLUDE the appropriate stylesheet file within the style section of the report code. The user's selection of output format from the launch page would pass a variable to determine which stylesheet file to use. Or you can have one stylesheet file and use -GOTO/-label statements to direct the logic to the correct style settings within the file for the requested output format. This second approach makes for easier maintenance.

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This might be too simplistic, but have you considered using an ACROSS for the dates?

As for a "common" style sheet for all outputs, I do not believe there is such a thing. In every client I have worked at, I have had to do just what Dan described and provide a separate style sheet for each format, and use an amper variable to determine which to use.

Sometimes the client wants drill downs in HTML but not in Excel. Sometimes the want to use their company standard .css file, which is fine for HTML and getting better for Excell, but pdf does not understand what a "class' is. etc, etc.

Robert F. Bowley Jr.
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Good ideas all and you confirmed what I am learning in the language manuals.

I'm a keep it simple as possible.
Even beyond stylesheets, techniques utilizing careful code with well placed objects goes a long way. I invite suggestions.
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