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Hi Friends !! I couple of WebFocus questions to ask :

1.I need to display higher value numbers separated with commas
For example I want the value 76623445 to be displayed as 76,623,445. I use Webfocus 4.3.6.
I know there are few built in functions for higher version of webfocus but is there any way I can make it work in my current version

2. Is there something that works like CASE loop in webfocus

Thanks for your help

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If you are using D format numbers, the commas are defaulted. For other numeric forms, I and P for example, you would add the edit character C to get commas in the major digits.
Yes, there is a CASE construct in WF Maintain. You might also want to look at Dialog Manager.
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if by case construct you mean the select{case:} construct as found in structured languages, the answer is unfortunately no. you need to test for each value you're testing with a separate IF and use GOTO (in WebFOCUS Reporting language) or ELSE in WebFOCUS Maintain.
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