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[SOLVED] WebFOCUS Auto Prompting Facility?

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April 23, 2014, 01:12 PM
[SOLVED] WebFOCUS Auto Prompting Facility?
I recently received a new laptop and had to reinstall WF. Now when I run one of my reports in the development area I see "WebFOCUS Auto Prompting Facility" in my IE browser header. When I run the report (with all of the code to generate the SQL) nothing is returned. No report output, no SQL.
I don't remember this Auto Prompting title in the header on my old laptop.

Have I installed WF incorrectly? How can I correct this?

Thank you in advance.

PS - What is MRE? Is that an acronym for Managed Reporting Environment?

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WebFOCUS 7.7
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April 29, 2014, 08:14 AM
Ian Dalton
Check your setting for the parameter IBIF_wfdescribe for amper auto prompting for self-service reporting in the client console. Possible values are:-

OFF - Turns auto prompting off. This is the default value.

XML - The XML document describing the amper variables is displayed in the browser. This setting is used internally by the WebFOCUS tools and is recommended for debugging purposes only.

XMLRUN - Only prompts for amper variables created with -DEFAULT when there is another amper variable that does not have a value assigned and, therefore, will be prompted for.

XMLPROMPT - Prompts for amper variables created with -DEFAULT and for any other amper variable that does not have a value.

Note: Managed Reporting uses a separate variable setting, which is IBIMR_prompting.

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April 29, 2014, 10:08 AM
Thank you for your reply. A colleague of mine determined that I needed to select the "Display Dialogue Manager commands" in the 'Run' (blue arrow) menu options.

WebFOCUS 7.7
Windows, All Outputs