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Running WebFocus in a virtual Environment?
Gold member
Our company is looking to move WebFocus from our dedicated servers to a virtual environment. Has anyone done this, and if so what issues were encountered if any. thanks in advance for your response!

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Windows XP SP 2/Windows 2003 Server
MVS 7.3.3
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Our production server at 5.3.6 which we are slowly moving over to 7.6.4 is now on a virtual machine. Only issue I've seen is we get an occasional java socket exception again. And we've been having connectivity issues to DB2, but I don't think being on the virtual machine has any efffect on the connectivity problem.

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When you say virtual environment do you mean a Windows VM machine using VMware?

We just installed WF713 in a VM environment and it seems to be running just fine. It is still in a TEST environment but should go live at some point soon.

I ma not using an app server so I cannot speak for that. We are using WF under IIS.



FOCUS/WebFOCUS 1990 - 2011
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A bit late, but ..
My system does not even have a physical webfocus/devstudio install any more.
All work is done within vm images.
I have created one image for each of my customers and so I can run the appropriate image whenever I need it.
And beside that I have various images for different purposes.
The great advantage of this way of working is that you can keep the separate environments as clean as possible, the image only has exactly that what it really needs. It also makes it possible to have a almost identical enviroment of my customers system, without the need to physycally be present at the customer's site.
I have found no problem at all working with ibi-products within vm images. It makes my life so much easier...


- Using AS 8.2.01 on Windows 10 - IE11.
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We've been running on VMs since day one -- about 3 years ago.

Zero problems that can be directly associated with the VM. In fact, it provides some very nice benefits that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

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I have customers using VMware, some not so successfully.

The accounts that are successful with the implementation tend to have an extremely knowledgeable team of Admin's. Once you have that there are a lot of possibilities, otherwise sites tend to be unsuccessful.

The OFFICIAL support statement from IBI is: "Many of our clients run applications and operating systems under VMware. Information Builders also makes extensive use of VMware within the WebFOCUS development and support organizations to create various Windows and Linux environments. Information Builders is not aware of ANY specific issues with WebFOCUS and VMware at this time. Information Builders supports VMware for development and test systems, but does not recommend it for production use. However, it is important to note that Information Builders does not QA (Quality Assurance test) WebFOCUS with VMware and cannot certify specific client configurations."

WebFOCUS 7.6.4 on Windows XP Professional
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