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PDF Compound Report with no output

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April 08, 2004, 11:08 AM
Tony A
PDF Compound Report with no output
Something one of my Clients recently hit and a possible solution -

Client was producing a multiple graph output on a single A3 sheet in a 3 x 3 grid. However occasionally one of the focexecs producing the graph (in a GIF) produced no records and therefore no GIF.

Solution -

Check for return of no records and substitute a standard GIF file in its stead -

.....<br />-#HOLDGIF<br />ON GRAPH HOLD AS &GifName FORMAT GIF<br />END<br />-IF &RECORDS NE 0 THEN GOTO #CHK_HTML ;<br />COPY \\[URL reference]\nograph.gif &GifName...GIF<br />-#CHK_HTML<br />-READ &GifName &HTML_CHK.A6. ;<br />-IF &HTML_CHK EQ 'GIF89a' THEN GOTO #NOWEND<br />COPY \\[URL reference]\invalid.gif &GifName...GIF<br />-#NOWEND<br /> 
The second test also validates for an invalid GIF file and substitutes a GIF that indicates the Graph GIF produced is not able to be displayed.

Standard stuff really - just taking the normal no record test one step further!