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[CASE-OPENED] Testing Change to UTF-8 Character Set

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October 23, 2009, 11:34 AM
Rick Man
[CASE-OPENED] Testing Change to UTF-8 Character Set
We are in the process of testing a major release of our Banner system (Banner8) and an Oracle upgrade to 10g with UTF-8 character set.
It seems like we have to jump through a lot of hoops to get our users access to the test environment.
So for example, our Oracle production instance is GOLD, our play instance is SAND and our Banner 8 test instance is DEV2.
First I need to setup the config files to be able to use UTF-8. That's not to difficult
Re-create the new MFDs in the DEV2 Application
Next I create a test Domain FinAid-B8
Copy the Standard Reports from FinAid Domain to FinAid-B8
Change those that are necessary for the expanded field lengths
Change the SQL connect string from
Insert an APP PATH DEV2 statement in every fex
Setup a Group(s)assign the test Domain and users for security purposes
Instruct the users how to access the Test Domains

Then we have to worry about the internal name changes for launch pages, both for Domains and Folders names less than 12 characters.

This seems putsie and a lot of work. Is there a better way.

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November 03, 2009, 03:11 PM
Hi all,

FYI, Rick has a case opened regarding this issue, and here is the suggestion from support people:

I see a few common UTF8 configuration steps, and a few things that he has to do simply because of his own environment.
Changing the sql connection string is something he would have to do in any case, because he’s switching from a prod server to a dev server.

He can avoid having to insert APP PATH DEV2 in every fex by placing that in his server profile, or site profile.

I informed him that making the switch to UTF8 is not just a ‘flip a switch and it works’ kind of change. It is a MAJOR change that should be treated as such. Extensive re-configuration should be expected.



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