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WebFOCUS & VMware in production

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January 29, 2007, 11:33 AM
WebFOCUS & VMware in production
Does anyone have WebFOCUS and VMware running in a production. If so, have you had any production issue relating to this implementation strategy? Have you seen any performance issues related to this type of implementation.

IBI has taken the official position that they do not certify WebFOCUS and VMware in any production environment.
January 29, 2007, 11:39 AM
Tony A

I don't blame them. Performance is always going to be an issue I would think, primarily because of the way VMWare has to function.


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January 29, 2007, 01:11 PM
Thanks for the response Tony A. I would have to agree with you. The ESX component of "Infrastructure 3" enterprise VMware product is a better product than "vmserver". However, I would still not recommend a client use the combination in production, especially if IBI will not certify and support in a production environment. A lot of consultants that have it installed on their laptops or desktops probably have "vmserver" which runs on top of the OS, which adds to the overhead increasing performance.

January 31, 2007, 11:22 AM
Hi JC,

Here is Information Builders' official statement:

WebFOCUS and VMware Support

You will need to have an InfoReponse username/password to access this document.

Hope this helps. Smiler



Kerry Zhan
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Information Builders, Inc.
February 02, 2007, 09:48 AM

For one project we have the WeFOCUS Client on WebSphere running under a VMware image in our Integration and Test Environment. Obviously the load is not the same but we have not had any issue running self service, dashboard, or report caster on it.


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