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[CLOSED] New Javascript Grid ? (Maintain)

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November 12, 2010, 07:08 AM
Dave Ayers
[CLOSED] New Javascript Grid ? (Maintain)
What are anyone's thoughts on the new JavaScript Grid being ready for 'prime time' ?
Is there much, or any, experience with it yet ?
What about functionality, limitations, known problems ?

I searched FP for "javascript grid", but nothing concerning the new one came up, through I think I saw something a little while back.


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WebFocus/Maintain 7.6.4-8
on Win2000 and 2003 Server
November 12, 2010, 07:27 AM
Alan B
Only used at playtime so far, and it provided (almost) everything I was looking for. Found no real issue and seemed stable. Prime time is going to require someone to use it in anger. Any volunteers?

WF 7.705/8.007
November 12, 2010, 08:40 AM
Maintain Wizard
Can I chime in?? The main selling point of the JS grid is that it doesn't require an Active-X control so it can be used on other browsers besides IE. One issue that HAS come up is that when you embed HTML Code into the grid cells, something that could not be done in the previous grid, there are some issues on non-IE browsers. Some of its features are:

Click on a cell and enter edit mode:
Form.Grid.OneClickEdit(true); // false to turn off
Move cursor to a cell in the grid:
Form.Grid.SetCellFocus(col, row) ;
Dynamically change the protection of a cell
Form.Grid.CellSetReadOnly(col, row , true); // false
Dyamically set the value of a cell
CellGetReadOnly(col, row, editable)
CellSetReadOnly(col, row)
CellGetText(col, row)
CellSetText(col, row, text)
CellSetTextColor(col, row, color)
CellGetTextColor(col, row)
CellSetBackColor(col, row, color)
CellGetBackColor(col, row)
ColumnSetContentType(col, contentType)
contentType: 0 – Text 1 – HTML 2 - Image
ex. Form1.Grid1.ColumnSetContentType(1,0);
CellSetFont(col, row, font)
CellSetFontSize(col, row, fontSize)
CellSetFontStyle(col, row, style)

We've also added function JSGridOnload. You can use that function to preset the grid before the form is displayed. In 7.702 we added the content type option into the column detail screen, much like it is in the HTMLTable. This makes adding Images and HTML Objects to the cells much easier.