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[CLOSED] Using IE 11 for Version 7702M
Does anyone know of any issues when using Dev Studio and InfoAssist on IE11????

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IE 11 works fine. I've had no problems using it with WebFOCUS 7.7 or

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We are running 7.7.05 and we have a dashboard that does not load properly with IE11. The dashboard contains graphs and they load into the browser sporadically, they never all load and it's not the same ones that load each time. I opened a case and they said there are no versions of WF that are yet certified with IE11.

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I've also come across the issue that linus has. The graphs do load, however, once they have loaded the container with they reside in changes height to something smaller which does not allow you to see the graph, or only a small portion of the top of the graph. This only seemed to happen with IE 11, and as linus stated, it seems to be random.

For the time being, I added a javascript function called resizeIt() which and add a call in onInitialUpdate to it.

resizeIt() takes the graph container for the graph and sets the height based on what I had stated the height should be. The function then uses setTimeout to call itself every half second to ensure it stays that size.

function resizeIt() {
  document.getElementById("graph1").style.height = "200px";

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This is all documented here
Must log in to Tech Support...

Tom Flynn
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Originally posted by MS-Mitch:

Sorry, I have nothing to add. I just saw you member name and laughed my a-hole off. Please tell me it was intentional!

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