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[CLOSED] Running WebFocus report in UltraEdit

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December 20, 2010, 03:47 PM
[CLOSED] Running WebFocus report in UltraEdit
As a workaround, I am trying to run a WebFocus report using UltraEdit. I have found instructions on this forum that is 5 years old. I followed that instruction and changed the configuration in UlraEdit and now when I try to run this report in UltraEdit, I am getting 'Error Opening file for write' message. Has anyone been able to configure UltraEdit lately to run WebFocus reports?

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WebFOCUS 8.0.09
App Studio 8009
Linux Kernel-2.6
DBMS: Oracle 11g
all output (Excel, HTML, AHTML, PDF)
December 23, 2010, 12:04 PM
I can use UltraEdit to Edit my fexes under DS (they are even a little bit colored).
But I am absolutely unable to "Run WebFocus from UltraEdit" as IDM Power Tips propose (Provided 'as is').
The Original idea from Kelly SnodGrass (Developer Center > Tips and techniques>> ULTRAEDIT)
I certainly appreciate Ultra Edit and would be interested in this kind of solution.
In fact, I just read 'What is WebFocus' which, I think, explains to InterNet Guys what Focus, actually is.
And my point is the opposite : Explain to an out-of-time Focusian (me) what developping in Internet is.
Just like Style sheets make me appear as a rather Good Excel developper (which, of course I'm not : DataBases and Focus (and MVS) ...)
I really like the Composer which reminds me memories from the WinForms Editor (FFW Six Power edition !!!)
And I wish -HTMLFORM become as natural to My Focus coding as -WINFORM was, such a long time ago.
Any hints in documentation to Guide me in a conversion from -WINFORM to -HTMLFORM
Cordially, Focusely and Composerly
PS : I'll try to reread Focus System Journal (oh, sorry, WebFocus Newsletter)
But I'm not at all at ease to find what I search in all the IBI Documentation (out-of-time, when I just should not be ...)

Focus Mainframe 7.6.11
Dev Studio 7.6.11 and !!!
PC Focus, Focus for OS/2, FFW Six, MSO