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[CLOSED] Resource Governer - Restricting the no of records

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January 19, 2011, 02:36 PM
[CLOSED] Resource Governer - Restricting the no of records

1) I have a Table with say 10000 records.
2) Based on some filter (which is dynamic) I retrieve some records.
3) My requirement is that if i get more than 5000 records I display an HTML page asking user to further limit his filter, else i should display the report in required format.
4) I want to user Resourece Governer to achieve this functionality?
5) I know that Resource Governer can stop the request once it reads 5000 records.

My Question is
1) Will Resource Governer read all 10000 records and determine the limit of 5000
will Resource Governer kill the process once it recieves the first 5000 records

2) If Resource Governer kills the process, will it kill webfocus process or will it kill even the database process?


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January 25, 2011, 03:42 PM
Hi Amarnath,

Info from our technicals: Resource Governor is a proactive not a reactive product, it does not allow a request to run until a given number of rows is encountered. It stops a request before it even runs based on the Thresholds set for row limits and the data that has been previously collected for requests against a data source.

Resource Governor can be used to keep users from running requests that are over a given row limit and inform them they need to reduce the rows returned but the request will not be run and no data will be returned.



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