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(Closed)Looking for Help with Dimension View
I have a Business View created and would like to with about 50 fields in the fact which I would like to create a Dimension View which would have multiple MEASURE folders so the fact fields can be organized. Also in some of the Dimensions I would like to make use of hierarchies to organize various attributes.

Given this is my first attempt I am running into several issues.
- First, all of the fact fields are appearing when I got to create a report. Not just the ones selected and placed into the Measure groups.

- Second, the measures are not appearing the named Measure Groups.
How do I get the Measure folders to appear in App Studio and how do I limit the measures to display only the fields I specified?

- Third, other than the 'Dimension Builder Panel' documentation in the Reference Guide are there any Examples or Additional Docs anyone can recommend?

(Using 8105)


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Dave H,

To answer the question about documentation here is link to the TechSupport site's Technical library:

Technical Content Library

On this page you will see - View the latest release content: - click on your version •WebFOCUS 8.1.05
- click on the "+" to expand and display all the available documentation
- expand Reporting Language
- expand Describing Data With WebFOCUS Language
- you will see in the list Creating a Business View of a Master File - there is a PDF file at the end of the list of topics

Under Server Administration there is the topic "Metadata" and Creating Synonyms that may also be useful.

If you do not receive any further information from other members, it might be a good idea to open a case at TechSupport Center under the Reporting Server group and someone can provide more assistance with this question.

Let us know if the above helps you out or if you have further questions.

Thank you for participating in the Focal Point Forum.

Kindest regards,
Tamra Colangelo
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In answer to your question about documentation, I would like to bring your attention to the WebFOCUS Keysheet - through version 8.0 and will be available in 8.1 within the next week.

It is a comprehensive quick reference guide to all of the commands available within WebFOCUS. There is also the Almost 1001 Ways to Work with Dates in WebFOCUS - This book provides myriad examples of working with those pesky date routines and problems.

Both are available both in PDF and Book form at

Vivian Perlmutter
Aviter, Inc.

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(Almost) 1001 Ways to Work with Dates thru Rel. 8.0.2
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