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Upcoming User Group Meeting - Septemeber 21, Minnesota
If interested in attending the Minneapolis User Group meeting on September 21, please register at:

This is an open invitation for anyone who wishes to attend. The agenga is as follows:

8:30 � 8:45 Registration � Sarah Sachtleben, Information Builders, St. Louis

Coffee, juice, water, & pastries served

8:45 � 9:00 Technology Summit 2005 � Las Vegas & Education Information

Sarah Sachtleben & Kathy Wallace - , Information Builders, Missouri

9:00 � 9:15 Target WebFOCUS Demo � Robin Glabe, Target Robin will be showing managing reports for a self service application, filter launch page, using a routing fex and error/no records found messages

9:15 � 9:45 Sneak Peak at WebFOCUS 5.3 Features, Programs, & New Support Policy Jim Jankay, Information Builders, NY
Excel, Vector Graphics, New Mainframe Tomcat offering, & 24 x 7 Support Policies � Output and Styling Features in WebFOCUS � Jim Jankay, IBI - NY Excel � Output a fully styled spreadsheet with dynamic drill down. Excel pivot tables are also discussed
PDF � Latest enhancements, techniques to style, concatenation, printing & distribution of PDF reports.
Resource Layout � How to combine multiple graphs on a single page

9:45 � 10:00 Break & Refreshments

10:00 � 10:45 WebFOCUS Tips and Techniques � Owen Fighter, IBI, MN
Different techniques will be shown to add razzle dazzle to your WebFOCUS reports!

10:45 � 11:00 WebFOCUS Dashboard � Owen Fighter, IBI, MN
Come see a demo of the dashboard!

11:00 � 11:30 � FOCUS to WebFOCUS � Walter Blood, IBI, NY
Learn from Walter how you can make the best use of your existing FOCUS skills in the world of WebFOCUS. The FOCUS language continues to develop, adding features designed to improve both functionality and flexibility. This presentation will cover the recent and continuing enhancements to the FOCUS language that help FOCUS users bridge from the green-screen FOCUS environment to the world of WebFOCUS.

11:30 � 12:00 WebFOCUS & GIS � Don Grady, IBI, NY
More than 80% or our data has a geographical or spatial component. A Geographic Information System (GIS) analyzes this data and renders it on a map. Used in conjunction with WebFOCUS and iWay, a GIS provides a unique view of information that helps us understand how location impacts our business.
This presentation demonstrates how GIS and BI have been used to analyze problems in areas such as state and local government, law enforcement, insurance and energy production.
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