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iWay Presentations at Summit 2010

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May 13, 2010, 05:08 PM
iWay Presentations at Summit 2010
The Premier Educational Event in Business Intelligence and Integration

Did you know that we have 24 iWay sessions and labs at Summit?

Information Builders Summit User Conference empowers you to reach your peak professional development by taking advantage of the benefits of data quality management, advanced information access, personalized reporting, and dashboards.
Summit 2010 is the most comprehensive training available on Information Builders WebFOCUS, FOCUS, and iWay Software solutions. Devoted to our customers, developers, and executives worldwide, Summit provides the most innovative coaching, the best networking, and the enhanced skills for handling today's critical business issues.

Join us for our Strategic Management session – Monday, June 7th!
Transitioning from Local to Global With iWay and WebFOCUS!
Glenn Clowney, Case Study Forum, Alain Guillemyn, International Car Operators, Greg McGrath, Information Builders

Please review the full Agenda online to see both WebFOCUS and iWay Session.

iWay Sessions Only :

* Saturday, June 5
• iWay Service Manager: Creating a Template Error Process Flow -Michael Florkowski
• Understanding the New iWay Integration Toolset in the Eclipse Environment - Michael Florkowski, and Robin Mace

* Sunday, June 6
• Data Mart for Bank's MIS, using Data Migrator and WF - George Kyriakidis and Dimitri Dassios, Alpha Bank
• Using iWay Data Quality Center To Cleanse The Airline Industry - Jeff Pelletier, Sabre Airline Solutions
• Service reusability & best design practice for iWay Service Manager - Hariharan VG, Mascon Global
• iWay Integration Tools (iiT) - Rob Mace and Jeff Paoletti

* Monday, June 7
• DataMigrator 7.7 in Real Time - Clif Kranish, IB
• Why Data Quality Matters - John Taylor, IB
• iWay Service Manager 6.1 Product Update - Naomi Klamen, IB
• The Business Energy Centre: Customer-centric Web Services and Cost Savings - Phil Collard, Scottish and Southern Energy
• Improving and extending B2B Services; implementation of DQC and twin data center solution - Bas van Amerom and Thomas Ratiff, AkzoNobel
• Best Practices in Managing iWay - Siebe Talma, Coty
• Trading Partner Manager/Business Activity Manager - Feigenbaum, Gidon

* Tuesday, June 8
• iWay B2B Suite in Action - Fateh Naili, Information Builders
• Implementing a large Warehouse application with iWay - our experience getting started on our first iWay project, Raymond Cooper, Mark Anthony
• The iWay SOA Approach - Muhammed Hasmi and Keith Davidson, Bell Canada
• iWay Service Manager Scalability and Error Handling - Walter Zubliani and Jeff Poletti, IB
• What's new in WebFOCUS Resource Management release 7.7: Resource Analyzer Administration and Reporting - Hurrell, Anthony
• Cleaning Dirty Data: Data Quality Workshop - Wong, Kam
• The Power of ETL With DataMigrator - Kranish, Clif
• Advanced Reporting Server Administration for Web FOCUS and Data Migrator - Prada, Paul

* Wednesday, June 9
• Case Study: Understanding iWay Data Quality Center Concepts - Robin Mace
• iWay Service Manager: Introducing Controlled Looping in the Transformer - Michael Florkowski

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