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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  iWay Software Product Forum on Focal Point    [CLOSED] How to obtain iDM return codes from iSM

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[CLOSED] How to obtain iDM return codes from iSM
I am pretty new to iSM, so forgive me if this is something simple. I tried looking around for it, and also tried a number of things, but nothing seems to work.

I have an iSM flow. It is calling a iDM process. The process if verifying files before the actual load occurs. If all the files are fine, the return code from iDM should be a 0. If there are verification errors, then 9991 is being returned. To be honest, I don't even know if the way that the iDM process is returning the 9991 is the best way.

We just upgraded to iSM 7.0.0.

The first thing I tried was creating a ETL Return Code on the call to the iDM process. Again, new to this. When creating it, it asked for a value and I entered 9991 and gave a description of Verification Failed. I also entered a 0 and called it Verification Successful. I then created two QA agents. I created a relationship to each. On one, I said OnCustom and selected 0. On the other, I selected OnCustom and selected 9991. The process went through both QA agents. I am not sure why.

So, then I thought maybe I could capture the return code into a variable and use that. I tried various ways, but nothing seemed to help. For my properties on the ETL object, my Document Return Type is Statistics and the Statistics Handler is etlsm. Here is the top portion of my QA agent results that show the statistics output. You can see the 9991 in it.

   <document xddoctype="XML">
      <etl stats_retry="0" error="false" job_id="20140417142553_e1561044" job_name="REQ_NAME=pf_verify_files, STOPAT=0, STARTAT=0, CM_ASYNC=OFF, PARMS="" errors="0">
            <statistic name="REQ_RC">9991</statistic>
            <statistic name="STAT_ACCEPTS"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_INPUT"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_INVALID"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_DBMSERR"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_FORMAT">0</statistic>
            <statistic name="STAT_DUPLS"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_NOMATCH"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_CHNGD"/>
            <statistic name="STAT_DELTD"/>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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iDM 7.7.05
WebFOCUS 7.7.05
Windows, All Outputs
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Based on your QA Agent, it does seem that the agent you had used to call the iDM process returns a valid etl document.

While I am not sure why your custom branches do not take effect, may be the oncompletion is checked on both?, I could still think of the following to get it to working:

Start - iDM Agent [returning ETL status doucment] - Decision Step [use XPATH expression for element statistic with attribute name as REQ_RC to compare it against a constant value REQ_RC] - Branch out your decision step here further accordingly.

Note: You can build the same logic using Switch case instead of a Decision step.

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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  iWay Software Product Forum on Focal Point    [CLOSED] How to obtain iDM return codes from iSM

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