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iWay Symptom-Problem-Solution (SPS) Pages Now Available – 01/2012 thru 08/2013
To all Focal Pointers,

The following Symptom-Problem-Solution (SPS) pages in the iWay area may be of your interest, please feel free to review and download. Just note that you will be required to login with the InfoResponse credential, which is the same login you will use to open a case with Customer Support Services. If you have not got one, please have your sitecode ready and register now.

January 2012:
* iWay Designer Tool:"Failed to load the repository 'iWay'"
* BindException Address already in use" on AS2 inbound connect
* Special Register not assigned a value at run-time
* Listener type "as2" is undefined
* Sandbox environment"unable to locate a java virtual machine"
* Error when creating a managed server within ISM Console
* iWay HL7 - Handling unexpected segments in 612
* (Fatal Error):-1:-1: Premature end of file.

* Using 'iwayworkdir' when packaging flat/property files
* DQC:How to convert Julian Date to YYYYDDD format

February 2012:
* Oracle thin client not appearing for DQC on Windows 7 client

* How to Migrate hSQL-based Design Time Repository 5.6->6.1.2

March 2012:
* HIPAA:999 ack message "A" doesn't include AK2/AK5 segments
* 2010BBNM109 not being validated converting XML to HIPAA
* Transformer losing 2 columns from RDBMS listener
* Splitting AQ msgs (Need RDBMS lstnr to delete all rows)

* HIPAA 4010 837P=>XML:"MaxUse of /EDI/837/2000A-B...exceeded"
* SOAP request for migrating from file to RDBMS

* How to create a Windows service for a new IAM configuration?

April 2012:
* iWay Service Manager install only creates home directory

* Transform-How to add new csv input flds to current mappings

May 2012:
* Transformer:"Unable to process request" opening project
* SQL Object in pflow returns exception "root is null"
* MS SQLServer jdbc driver jar only works in /lib
* (com.ibi.preparsers.EDISplitPP) Invalid EDI format.
* XDSREGAgent doesn't parse contents of _concat properly
* Simple internal listener process loses some output files
* How to control start up order of Internal Channels
* Redeploying service(pflow) that has dependent pflow fails
* Subflow yields different results in different parent pflows
* Designer:SWITCH followed by JUNCTION triggers function twice
* Publishing a Service Requires Server (iSM) restart
* Designer fails to show Oracle tables for private synonyms
* Magnify:SQL2005 Listener Pflow registers set by SREG empty
* Impact of 'Maximum Threads' field not being settable.
* Unable to use iWay private key for a trusted certificate
* Unable to register agent
* iAD - Testing flows using iway55 base -d out of memory erro
* Using SET object to set dynamic variables
* Unable to install transformer and swing applications
* Can't use an SREG value for HL7LLP Emit port
* RDBMS stmts w/ multiple tables and same col names don't work

* Transformer - How to remove decimals from large numbers
* Can non-xml to xml pre-parsers be declared in a pflow?
* Custom Agent Wizard does not allow package specification

* Transformer Replace Function Not Working Correctly
* What HF7 release supports FTP transport (Inbound/Outbound)?

* Transformer:Is there a function to convert negative numbers?
* What class names to use for Designer Iterate object?
* iAD: How to make Emit Object properties Host and Port variab
* How to use the _COUNT / XPATH from the interactive console

June 2012:
* HL7 FlatFileOutboundAdapter returns '00000147 SystemErr'
* iSM 5.6:Activity Facility doesn't log any data
* NullPointerException connecting to iSM from Designer
* Application Explorer for Siebel fails creating WSDL

* iIT Designer - Where to find Property Manager?
* Naming convention for Metadata tables in Data Quality Center

July 2012:
* RVI Gateway Listener Hangs

August 2012:
* Usage of FILTER option with ORACLEAPPS adapter.
* Fixed width transform without type incorrectly logs an error
* RDBMSException: Invalid lookup
* MQ Adapter will not insert greater than 4mb message

* Handling FRB splitter EOS in a flow.
* synxtax for SQLObject to reference a user property

September 2012:
* SQL Server 2008 support in iSM?
* iSM .msi install file
* Oracle Adapter SP2 errorp
* Transformer LPAD and alignment in fixed width output

* Transformer: mapping several CSV files to single XML
* Transform: matching data in 2 different loops

* How to get primary key and increment it by one?

October 2012:
* No iWay logs, no SQL update but ETL agents are running
* Errors in log testing AS2 Emitter with signing & encryption
* Timestamp error when passing file for Batch Iterate in XML
* iWay Service Manager 5.6 doesn't start after JVM 1.6 install
* 'java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06550: GETCLOB must be declared'
* Need to add @CRLF() for CSV output with header & detail
* ETL parameters not visible in designer object
* 'Transform_Function_Error' in iWay 5.5-works in iXTE 5.2.104
* iWay Service Manager service fails to start-JVM terminated
* Adapter err:'ClassCastException' populating output doument
* Subflow SREGs being usable in the parent flow

* Can the iWay Repository be maintained in Oracle 10G RAC?
* Which Siebel interface to use (COM or JDB)?
* Does iWay Service Manager v5 support Oracle 10G RAC?
* Web Console:Can listener monitor status be saved in a file?
* Is there a MicroSoft Word Adapter (like Excel)?

* How to split variable XML input into 9 fixed output fields
* iWay56 Transformer:How to edit JDBCLookup SQL statement

* Does iWay support XPATH that can find multiple tag selection
* Need to remove a character from a file name

November 2012:
* Cannot export WSDL from Oracle Explorer
* How to evaluate special registers in SQL stmt in SQL Object
* JCA Adapter-Insert to BLOB Datatype 'MessageTracking' failed
* "channel [Input location is undefined. Cannot start.]"
* FTP listener or FTP emitter corrupts image files (jpeg, gif)
* iSM loops with msg'waiting for STOPPED state, state is STOP'
* Error 42601 aft upgrade iAM->iSM SQL within _concat function
* Payload example for create_contact_point_Request
* Designer / explorer can't create an iWay adapter target
* Transform Integer value too big for function
* iWay Service Manager log shows warning errors during startup
* XSLT V2.0 not loading into iWay
* iSM console account ID - remove iway & admin?
* Getting the directory path attribute from FTP listener
* No Output from Transform When Used in Pre-Emitter
* Designer: No Error on File Emit if directory does not exist

* Can an EDGE be called when streaming and receiving an EOS?
* ? re: Importing Package Manager to different drive letter
* Does SFTP come with the default iSM 5.5 install?
* Where is documentation for iWay Service Manager located?
* Is the _property function available via an iWay Transform?
* Is there an sreg value for the channel name?
* XA Transaction not supported by ERP Adapters

* FTP Listener generating incomplete files
* iWay Integration Tools:How to bind register sets to a pFlow
* Problems setting up FTP emit service in an SP5 flow
* Formatting the timestamp on the filename
* XSLT Transform Fails in iSM org.xml.sax.SAXParseException
* EDI transform: Need to populate ISA02 with ten spaces

* How to configure SOAP listener with SSL in the white screen

December 2012:
* ServiceOut.txt file grows quickly. Can size be limited?
* Can't connect-MQ queue manager queue not found (iXTE 52104)
* 'Conversations Exceeded' error connecting to SAP
* Error while building Channel: can't deploy now
* RDBMS Adapter non-user schemas for SQL 2008 don't display
* JAM Gateway does not reconnect to CRM when admin down
* Decrypt file:'Unsupported keysize or algorithm parameters'
* A number of our Listeners on iAM will not start correctly
* Transformer CSV header column names must be unique

* Is there SREG which has listener name (not channel name)?
* The copy agent has a delay poperty: How accurate is it?

* _property() does not use default value when file is missing

* Can XML response element names from RDBMS adapter be changed
* How to send multiple files in one e-mail with iSM

February 2013:
* Oracle Application Explorer:WSDL missing JCA binding section

* How can webservices be secured via SSL in standalone iSM?

March 2013:
* Cannot view transform because of corrupt file in repository
* Using iSM SREG evaluation in ETL object URL not working
* Run ETL DM flows in iSM>"Syntax error in parameter: sql"
* Acknowledgement not returned on channel for HL7 document
* Missing files & iSM won't start after reinstall on z/OS
* Transformer math function errors return "NAN"
* RDBMS Adapter Update Never Returns:How to avoid deadlocks
* iIT:'Unable to sendViaPost to ..' and 'Read Timed Out'
* iIT Transformer Graphical Mapping Builder loses constants

* Where to find doc on iWay 60 agents, preparsers & java?

* Transformer:Issue mapping OperatorNotes field in 837 Prof.
* How to set FTP Reader to do a binary get (binary mode)
* Register Set used in multiple channels
* Can a transform use XPATH statement to count # output nodes?
* Transformer: What is the max value that @INTVAL can handle?

* How can iWay Webservices be secured via SSL with Tomcat?
* How to build Error Handling procedure for iSM/DQC

April 2013
* Metadata not returned w/RDBMS Adapter & Application Explorer
* Cannot connect to the 'iWay-Dev' repository

* on required jar files for RDBMS/DB2 access on iSeries

* How to allow multiple filters for SUBJECT FILTER property

May 2013
* SREGs not resolving properly in objects
* "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" overflow using SQLObject
* SREGs returns null values from XPATH when moving dev=>prd
* Transform creating extra output parms after migrating to 601
* SFTP Listener hangs connecting to host with default PORT
* jde connection causes 'noclassdeffounderror if' using ae.bat
* iSM:"com.ibi.agents.xdvalidationagent: class not found"

* Can Mainframe Supra database be used with iWay Service Mgr?
* Can multiple RDBMS listeners be used on the same data?
* State of our Enscribe Nonstop SQL adapter
* Does iWay 5.6 support NCPDP format for pharmacy claims?

* using XDCharRepl preparser and EDI delimters

* How to use SREG across multiple channels for same server
* Connect to DB2 on WebFOCUS Server from iWay Designer pFlow
* How to assign a property to an SREG (Special Register)
* Creating a HIPAA doc:how to get the changes needed

June 2013
* RDBMS Adapter:'java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type'
* Trace should be Warning when FWF Transform is successful
* Listener does not appear to check/poll for multiple files
* iWay 601:MySQL Schemas do not display expanding schema tree
* Decision Test Object using _substr function->wrong results
* New JDBC lookup function documentation
* RDBMS Listener Stops Listening
* BAPI Exception Handling
* Matching doesn't work in Transformation
* Transform Fixed width / Max occurences error
* TRANSFORM ISD00785; cross mapping multiple loops
* Problem With FTP Protocol Reply-to

August 2013
* HIPAA:999 ack message "A" doesn't include AK2/AK5 segments
* 2010BBNM109 not being validated converting XML to HIPAA

* HIPAA 4010 837P=>XML:"MaxUse of /EDI/837/2000A-B...exceeded"


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