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[CLOSED] Connect Failure
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Hi Everyone

I have etl job that failed frequently.

While run the job manually and alone at time job running successfully.

when run the job through the parent job at the time job got failed.

below error message, i have received

2017-02-27 14:50:06 18 Issuing PREPARE
2017-02-27 14:50:06 19 Request will process data via NON-Pass Through (NON-APT)
2017-02-27 14:50:06 20 HOLD file will be created for output file named: SQLIN.
2017-02-27 14:50:06 21 CONNECT FAILURE
2017-02-27 14:50:06 22 SQLCODE IS -20315 (HEX: FFFFB0A5)
2017-02-27 14:50:06 23 : [60] [DataDirect][ODBC 20101 driver][20101]Database is already connected
2017-02-27 14:50:06 24 : .
2017-02-27 14:50:06 25 SQL OPEN CURSOR ERROR.
2017-02-27 14:50:06 26 Return Code = 1406

Kindly provide, if you have any findings

Thanks in advance


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Please, don't take my answer as an "Absolute Truth", but I've been through similar issues in the past, and this is what I infered:

We used to have a DataMigrator flow, named A, inside of which, we called two fex processes (hand written, not created by means of datamigrator) AA and AB. Well, when AB was running it used to exit with failure due to an oracle timeout.

We infered that, if a flow calls N fex files, then a socket to the database is created in the first file, and used all over to the end of the flow. So, we tried to encapsulate AB inside a wrapper flow, whose only work was to call AB, and it worked like a charm.
(it is: a flow A who calls a fex AA, and then calls a flow ABW, inside of which we have the fex AB)

You could give it a try.

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Hi Kalaivanan,
Please open a hottrack case and upload your flow (.fex) and synonym (.mas, .acx) files to the case. With the hottrack case you'll get the most precise answer to your problem.
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