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Gold member
What is the funtion of "Brkout" on a gadget options window window.

WF 8.09
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Gold member
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Hi Janice,

If you hover over “Brkout” you should notice it says “Breakout Lower Level Duplicates.”

When grouping on a dimension and you specify to group on a lower dimension level there might be duplicate possibilities for that lower level dimension.

For example let’s say for the Location dimension we have the below dimensional values stored. Notice that location level 3 has “Audio Expert” stored multiple times. If we tell the gadget to group on Location level 3 and we do not add location filters it will group and retrieve the values together in one record from both EAST/BOS/Audio Expert and MIDWEST/STL/Audio Expert. Basically you will get a high / mid / low score based on store Audio Expert regardless of the higher dimensional levels.

Location level 1 Location level 2 Location Level 3
EAST BOS Audio Expert
MIDWEST STL Audio Expert

The default functionality for gadgets is to combine the lower level duplicates for gadgets if no filters are applied.

Notice that the functionality to automatically “Brkout” lower level dimensions is disabled. We are working to implement this feature in a future release.

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Great. I look forward to being able to use it. Thanks for the explanation.

WF 8.09
Posts: 68 | Location: United States | Registered: March 28, 2007Report This Post
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