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Loading a measure
Platinum Member
I am loading a measure and I am running into the following issue.

I am getting HTTP 500 Errors pretty much all the time.

Instead of reloading an existing measure we are trying this.
Creating a new measure.

Deleting the old measure - which causes another crash as well. The MODIFY statement on a DELETE fails and it hangs on the reporting server. 0/43046

We need some help here. Even though we are upgrading to a new release we need to get these measures into a test environment for the business users to validate.

The measure has been set up as
Units = Items.
Measure Type = Loaded
Aggregation Method = Percentage
Threshold Flex = Units
Flex 25.00

Display Format D12.2%
Row Security = checked.

Any help would be great here.
Thanx in advance ,

John ,

-PMF 5.1.2
-WebFOCUS 7.6.9 on Windows 2003 Server
-MSSQL Server
Posts: 127 | Registered: March 02, 2009Report This Post
Platinum Member
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Something to add, Application Tracing is set to OFF


-PMF 5.1.2
-WebFOCUS 7.6.9 on Windows 2003 Server
-MSSQL Server
Posts: 127 | Registered: March 02, 2009Report This Post
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There's no specific known issue regarding PMF causing HTTP 500 errors - it is a catch-all error message when the Web server has an internal failure. Here are common steps when you get an HTTP 500 error in any WebFOCUS app (and that's what applies in this case):

Restart the Web server. Tomcat occasionally goes haywire.

Check to make sure all files under IBI on your server are set to read/write for the Web Server registered user. Assuming you’re using either apache tomcat or IIS.

In PMF, check admin dashboard 01 to make sure you’re in sync. It’s 5.1.1 so the forcing function is not there to force you to resync. Not likely to be the cause but always better to be safe. If masters are out of sync it could cause MODIFY to fail to return which might cause a 500 error, in theory (never seen this happen but it occurs to me).

If these don’t work contact CSS and they will help.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

Posts: 919 | Registered: March 26, 2003Report This Post
Gold member
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I had this issue in an earlier release of PMF and it wasn't related to PMF at all. It turned out that in the prefix code, we had a looping problem. If you have any prefix code involved, verify its working prior to going into PMF. Hope this helps.

WF 8.09
Posts: 68 | Location: United States | Registered: March 28, 2007Report This Post
Platinum Member
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Thanx for the information Janice. We do not have any prefix code.

Regards. John

-PMF 5.1.2
-WebFOCUS 7.6.9 on Windows 2003 Server
-MSSQL Server
Posts: 127 | Registered: March 02, 2009Report This Post
Silver Member
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Take a look at my post on diagnosing load errors -- maybe that will help.

Specific for your current problem: Try reloading data from another measure that you know is good for this metric to determine if you error 500 is environmental or specific to this load.

If it is this particular load, the error may be due to a & or other reserved characters in the data or even the name of the measure and description fields.

WF 7.65. Solaris. PMF 5.11 on Oracle 10g
Posts: 48 | Location: New York | Registered: March 25, 2009Report This Post
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