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customizing the "my preferences for this gadget" window

I've built a gadget that my client is pretty happy with, but I feel it could still be better.


-one of my Sort By fields is Time, but I'd like to restrict the list of filters that are displayed in the combobox for that dimension
-picking "User Specified Dimension" is the only way I can have a dynamic dimension which varies by scorecard. It works well, except one of the options is Time, which is redundant to my other Sort By

I've spent a fair bit of time figuring out how PMF populates list boxes. See this post for details of my learning process:


For the Time dimension combobox, I figure that it might be using the javascript function called populateTimeFilter() found in the pmf_lib.js file. The modifications I'd like to do to the gadget filter list would be 90% finished if I could switch the function to populateListBox() with a custom 'theFEX' variable. The only problem is that I can't figure out which html file actually calls these functions. I found gadget_class_form.htm, but I think that's the class builder on the manage tab. I found gadget_page_form.htm and gadget_page_shell_form.htm, but didn't find populateTimeFilter() in either of them. So, what file(s) builds that gadget preferences window?

For the second issue, I'm a little less hopeful that I can sort this one out. I believe that a_list_dimensions.fex is often responsible for figuring out what dimensions are in the system, but again, I am not sure of the page that builds the preferences window, so I haven't gotten anywhere with customizing this bit. The thing that I have working in my favour is that the Time dimension is always called TIME, so I may be able to write some dialogue manager code if I can find where to put it. Any pointers would be appreciated.



-WebFOCUS 8.2.01 on Windows
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Hi Joey,

Let's see if we can point you in the right direction for these customizations.

The "my preferences for this gadget" are controlled in the gadget_personalize.js file. The time filter selection is populated by the PMF_FORM_GET_DIM_DROPDOWN ajax call. Be careful modifying this as there are multiple references to this throughout PMF.

Regarding the dimension control display it is controlled by the setInstance_Parms() method where the cls_type == 'F' and cls_subtype == 'DIM'. Be careful here as well with making changes as this will change the functionality of all gadgets in all dashboards.

Good luck!
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