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Gadget size and overlapping problem
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Have noticed on some gadgets that are fairly large in size when you click off of it, it doesn't seem to shrink back to it's original size -- and if there are other gadgets on top of it, you see it stick out from underneath it.

This is particularly evident on the operational dashboards -- #7 for example. When it first opens, that "Metric - Measure Crosstab Across Dimension Grid" gadget on the top left is small -- you can't see all of the measures. Then you click and it expands over the top of the 3 gadgets below it. But then when you click off it falls behind those 3 gadgets but sticks out below them. Doesn't look too great and I'm starting to get a few comments about it -- any obvious fix that I'm missing or is this something I should log?

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We do a lot to automatically adapt the objects on the dashboard and size them intelligently, but can't prevent something really huge from being what it is - really huge!

If the object is sticking out below other things, it's because it's trying to show more data than it ultimately has space for on the dashboard.

The designs we ship are fairly generic. If you've got some specific needs to show more data than you might see, in say, a typical PMF demo, then it might perhaps be a good idea to go in and make your own designs in the Page Designer that use the space best for your users' purposes.

In other words, please don't see this as a "bug", because the page designs that ship with PMF are merely suggested layouts, not gospel, and the list is anything but fixed.

You should feel free to tune the designs in the Page designer and/or to use the Designer make *your own* page designs that make the most sense for your data and the layout of the information that makes sense to your users.

Typical time to build a new design in Page Designer is less than 2 minutes, by the way - it's a really speedy process. Especially so since all the components are already built - you're just doing a "mash-up" of the exact parts in the exact place you want.


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