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User Entered Measures
Gold member
I am in the process of setting up a few user entered measures to capture data that is not currently in an electronic format.

Is there a way to control who can enter which measures? For example, someone in HR may enter one of the measures and someone in Finance may enter another measure. We don't want to let anyone else be able to enter data into these measures.

WF 8.09
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Can you please give more detail on how users ar entering this data. is within an HTML file?
Can you also tell me which kind of db are you using SQL?ORACLE?..


WebFocus 7.6.5
AND WebLogic server as web server
sql2005 as database server
Posts: 273 | Location: Europe | Registered: May 31, 2007Report This Post
Gold member
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Beginning with release 4.0 of PMF there is an option to have user-entered measures. You specify this in the user metadata tab under administrator. When a measure is indicated as user-entered, a maintain screen is generated by dimension which allows you to enter your info directly into PMF.

WF 8.09
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The way measures work, you typically are accessed to enter measures for the particular area of the organization. You're then given access by role to be able to enter Actuals, Targets both, or or none. HR metrics would be secured at the HR area of the company - unless the metrics are HR metrics for particular divisions of the org, in which case you'd have access to enter metrics for the division.

However, PMF 4 doesn't give the ability to select which measures by name an individual user can enter. It allows Dimensional filtering only. So a person who has access to the department's data could potentially enter any measure for that department. In PMF your control over who can enter what is (1) the functional role (2) the dimensional access (3) whether it's a user-entered type measure (4) whether the measure has Row Security active.

As you can see, to be user-enterable, measures have to be specifically designated as user-entered. Not every measure would be. In our experience it's usually fewer than 5% of the entire set of measures that would need to be user-entered. But of course your mileage can vary.

PMF 5 will give more control - you'll be able to determine what a user can DO by scorecard. Access control by scorecard will enable the measures on the scorecard to be accessible by scorecard role (a new construct in PMF 5).

Hope this information helps.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

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