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PMF Developer Series – Dashboard Gadget Parameters
Gold member
Doing custom development in PMF and utilizing Gadget Preferences or Broadcast functionality you will need to learn the background on gadget parameters. In the past we have recommended that users leverage the GADG_DIM_PARMS_MULT include. What this function does is split up the parameter you want into a usable split level format.

Eg. The Gadget Parameters of the below is setup in the gadget preferences:

The include GADG_DIM_PARMS_MULT converts this into the useable format of:

What many people still may not know is that we do this now for you within the gadget Today Page layer. All dimensional parameters passed from the Today page have already been split up for you so this include is not needed in most situations. You can now just use the split amper variables such as &LOCATION_LEVEL01_VALUE within your custom pmf gadget. This is how in WF77 InfoAssist interfaces with PMF so well.

It would be worth noting a difference in handling inside PMF with InfoAssist and other gadget types. For InfoAssist, PMF passes a _FOC_NULL for every dimensional level where a value is not explicitly passed. This was done so these variables do not need to be –DEFAULTH in the final reports in case they are referenced in the report but not explicitly set and passed. We did not implement this _FOC_NULL for other gadget types because of the possibility whereas there is a 16 dimension with 16 levels which could potentially exceed the 2K limit imposed by some browsers. If anyone feels like this limit would not be a problem for them and they would like to know how to turn this on for other gadget types, I’d be happy to let you know how.

Note: Those of you who are unsure what _FOC_NULL is –> It is new in WF77 and is used as a replacement for the FOC_NONE used in prior WF releases.
Note: The include of GADG_DIM_PARMS_MULT is still a viable option with pertinent value especially regarding Operational report drill downs. This can calculate the drill down values from the passed report and including the proper time information and split that up into a usable format.

As always, if you have any feedback please let me know.

Best regards,
Michael Paul
Senior Software Developer
WebFOCUS Performance Management
Posts: 57 | Registered: December 03, 2007Report This Post
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