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Possible for Consumer to change own "Default Scorecard"?

Is it possible for the user to be able to change their own default scorecard?

I know that a PMF admin can do it, but what about a way for the user to save it?

If not, how about a NFR?



-WebFOCUS 8.2.01 on Windows
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Thanks for the suggestion.
Essentially this is seen as a security capability at most customers and is reserved for the admin to do. End users can view any scorecard to which they have access (and access depends on how the Scorecard function access is set up in PMF Settings - the modern way is S mode, which lets you do user-specific Scorecard access control, the older legacy way is shared or private/defauult by scorecard).

Giving ability to change default to all end users would open a security hole.

Unless there's an overwhelming contradiction to this understanding from users on the Forum, we would suggest this capability be done a customization. It would not be hard to do.

Since this isn't a quick-fix kind of thing and needs to be designed right, as we move forward we will consider doing this as a feature, but it won't make the 5.2.0 train this Fall. The 5.2.0 list is pretty definite and brief (5.2 has quite a tight schedule).

So... if you want to do this as a customization... this is a good opportunity to bring up customizing PMF forms on the Forum.

The perfect place for it is to add a Scorecard selection dropdown to the personal preferences pop-up which is avaialble from a button on the right-hand side of the tabs, and add ability to save that to the Owner record.

The FOCEXEC for the dialog is pmf_user_settings_form.htm; the FOCEXEC that handles saving from that form when the user saves changes to the settings is pmf_user_settings_update.fex.

To pmf_user_settings_form.htm you will need to add a DIV like the following to contain the dropdown that follows this format:

   <div  style="position:absolute;top:190px;left:130px;">
   <select id="default_user_scorecard" name="default_user_scorecard" class="filtercombo" style="width:325px;height:18px;">
   <option value=" "    > </option>

You will need to call a function to populate the default_user_scorecard dropdown and set its default selected item to the user's current scorecard. For code that does something like this have a look at a_list_scorecards.fex. This FOCEXEC creates a HOLD file that contains a full
and you can use !IBI.FIL.[filename] to include that HOLD inside the DIV instead of declaring the selects.

Or you can use the above selects call the populateListBox() standard JS function from pmf_lib.js, but while this compact function will let you get a list of Scorecards with a lot less code, it will not preserve the hierarchies for Scorecards in the system if they are cascaded. Depends on what you want. This function allows you to pass the scorecard_id to be auto-selected. You'll have to get the ID from the Owner record.

You might want to make the label language soft using standard PMF defines.

Finally, PMF forms generally use AJAX to get and set data from the PMF data mart. So you'll need to add code to the AJAX savePrefs() function in pmf_user_settings_form.htm and add corresponding data member to the MODIFY code in pmf_user_settings_update.fex to grab and update the Owner record with the new scorecard ID.

Hope this helps. It's rather detailed but should get you where you want to go.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

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