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ANNOUNCEMENT: Update Signatures
I have a suggestion that may help this forum.

Three of the most common questions that seem to appear on the board are:

1) What version of WebFOCUS are you using?
2) What platform are you on?
3) What output format(s) are you trying to create?

It would be nice if, when starting a new post or answering one, you could just click some check boxes to have this info automatically attached to the post so people do not have to ask a person for this information.

Maybe the profile section could be enhanced to at least include the person's platform and WebFOCUS version? However, it would be really neat to have a few check boxes or dropdowns that let you indicate this info when making a post.

Just a suggestion.

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FOCUS/WebFOCUS 1990 - 2011
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Great suggestions Mickey!

Let me see what I can find out.

If anyone else has suggestions regarding how to improve or enhance Focal Point, please let me know.

Thanks all!

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Dear Focal Point Members,

Let me know what you think:

I'm encouraging all members to update your signatures (via the "Profile" link) to indicate the WebFOCUS versions you're currently using and testing. Please refer to Mickey's new signature line above and try to model the format. (Please try to include the product, platform, production, and testing, etc.)

One caveat: Since this information is in the signature, it will not be reflected in the emails which contain the post contents.

The goal is to increase the rate at which solutions are provided, since the signature line is an easy place to glance at when reading and replying to other posts. Of course, I would like you to keep your existing signatures -- it would be great if you could also add this small bit of information.

Another suggestion is, when the person who created the original topic receives an answer/solution, kindly thank the person who supplied it (or acknowledge that the issue has been resolved).

Thank you everyone and let me know if you have any other suggestions, comments, questions, feedback.


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i had put that stuff in my platform and my version. i had hoped folks would pick up on that and start doing it. might catch on. Seems Mickey agrees. ME, can you put a sticky topic (for a week or so) with just the title line "put your version and platform in your signature"..and see if folks do it?
( i see you just reposted the Rules..but the profile section needs to be changed to include the ver/plat about retitling that post and let it sit for a week or so).
Or..edit the form that generates the profile to require ver/plat, and auto-create the sig?(oh wait...Mickey just said that!)
As for output formats, it seems that most formats that are Microsoft-related are in 1 group, and PDF is an animal all unto itself.
I had thought that a whole PDF topic area might be a good idea.
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Thanks for the feedback...I just added a new post to the FOCUS/WebFOCUS board.

Let's cross our fingers that it catches on!

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