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Generating Email Alerts

My Name is Payal and I am new to IBI Web Focus.
I wanted to generate an alert email for certain conditions on the real-time data.
If the furnace temperature >= 100 degree centigrade then an alert email report should to be sent automatically to the supervisors.

Please help.
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How is WebFOCUS supposed to know when the temperature >= 100 degrees? Are temperatures being written into a file?

Say WebFOCUS sends the email, how is it supposed to reset it self. For example, you said real time. So if the temperature stays over 100 degrees for 10 minutes, surely you don't want WebFOCUS to keep sending emails every second or minute. You want/need something that tells WebFOCUS to not send another email until the current event ends and the temperature drops below 100 degrees or at least wait a specified time, i.e. 10 minutes, before sending another round of emails.

Assuming you have all of that figured out, there are several ways to have a Report Caster job run and send the email: Restful Web Services; DSTRUN; Update the Next Run Date/Time of the job (not supported by IBI). I'm sure there are other ways.

In FOCUS since 1985. Prod WF 8.0.08 (z90/Suse Linux) DB (Oracle 11g), Self Serv, Report Caster, WebServer Intel/Linux.
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Hi Paypal. Interesting post. I agree with igelona, You would most definiately have to have a process that loads the tempto a table readable by WF. WE do something similar.
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE: Monthly financial data is loaded between Day 6 and Day 15 of each month. THE actual load date is VARIABLE. So, we have a ton of reports that can only be processed by RC AFTER the financial data is loaded.
SOLUTION: the process that loads the data "ends" with a process that resets two flags in a WF RC control file. That file contains ALL RC job titles. The RC jobs that are dependent on the fin data load contain two PRE-PROCESS fexes and one POST-PROCESS fex. The RC jobs are scheduled to run on days 6 - 15. The PRE-PROCESS jobs interrogate the control table with the RC job title "passed", the Pre process fex looks at the Data loaded flag and if = Y and the Report Run flag = N then the process continues and the RC job runs. Only then does the POST Process fex run and that executes a SQL statement that updates the flag Report run flag to Y. SO, back to the pre process fex (#2) if the Data loaded flag is N, the RPC KILL switch is set and the job terminates with a status of warning. That is ok with us.
My former manager engineered this solution. I creates parts of it and a former coworker created the other parts. This works for us.
Hopefully this will assist you.

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AIX, DB2 All Outputs
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