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[CASE-OPENED] How to Create a Group View Dashboard

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February 19, 2010, 10:24 AM
[CASE-OPENED] How to Create a Group View Dashboard
I need to create a new Group View Dashboard,but when I go into Viewbuilder and choose Group View/Add there are no items to select in the dropdown.
We use Active Directory for security so I cannot use MRE Administration to create a Group with MRE. We currently have 4 Group View Dashboards and after talking to someone in IBI Support I would expect to see all AD Groups that do not have a Group View Dashboard in the dropdown but the dropdown is blank. The person who originally created the 4 Group View Dashboards no longer works here so I cannot ask her.

Does anyone have any experience creating a Group View Dashboard using Active Directory security?

I am a MRE Adminstrator and we have version 7.17 of WebFOCUS installed.


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February 24, 2010, 04:48 PM
Hi all,

FYI, Denise has a case opened regarding this issue. Here is the input in the case:

If the dropdown is blank confirm that you have added a group in MRE User Administration, this must be done in order to see a Group in that dropdown. There is only one Group View allowed per group.

As far as setting up the Groups, Users, Domains on the MRE side review page 41 in the MRE Admin Manual:

WebFOCUS Managed Reporting Administrator's Manual 7.6.1 & higher

Being that you are configured with Active Directory there are a few things that can effect the way you would add a GROUP VIEW/GROUPS etc. Depending on how your AD is configured will determine how to setup the groups. Determine your AD for Authorization and Authentication, if Authorization is set to AD then the MR Groups, Domains, ETC are setup only in Active Directory(AD) and NOT with the MR tools. If you are configured for AD
Athnetication, then you would set the MR Groups, Domains, ETCin both MRE and AD.

Denise, if you have an update on testing, can you please kindly post it here? Thank you for sharing with all.



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