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[CLOSED] Compound Document PPTX PowerPoint -- How do I get it to use the whole page?

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October 27, 2020, 03:08 PM
[CLOSED] Compound Document PPTX PowerPoint -- How do I get it to use the whole page?
After a couple of days of struggling to get a compound PowerPoint document to produce correctly, I've found myself with a final problem that I just can't get to resolve.

I have a dense report, 28 lines and a good sized header, plus three recap lines. Not huge, but solid.

I can't get it to use the entire page in the compound output.

With about two inches left in the bottom of the PowerPoint page (in the compound run only, works fine when run on its own) it starts kicking lines onto a second page. I have my margins set to near-zero in all four directions and the compound statement seems to just ignore the page lengths I'm setting.

The result is my report jammed up against the top of the frame, font size 7 which is too small, and a big slice of blank page underneath.

After the run I can edit the report in PowerPoint and move everything down (plenty) into the middle of the page, so the space is there. It appears that the space on the page that WF allows the report to use is somehow limited to a fixed vertical size that I cannot increase. Any suggestions?

COMPONENT='report1', TEXT='report1',   TOC-LEVEL=2, POSITION=(0.2 0.01),   DIMENSION=(11 11), PAGESIZE=TABLOID, ORIENTATION=LANDSCAPE, ARREPORTSIZE=DIMENSION, METADATA='left:   0.0in; top: 0.0in;   width: 11in;    height: 12in; position:   absolute; z-index: 1;', $

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October 27, 2020, 05:08 PM
Any chance on a sample we can play with ?


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